Friday, February 25, 2011

New Look

We are always thinking about ways that we can change Susquehanna Xpress,so that it can reach the most people with the most impact. We've realized that with all of our busy schedules we're often not apt to sit down and watch web programs for 15 minutes. We prefer to watch specific topics that run about 5 minutes. Therefore, we are going to unpackage Susquehanna Xpress into individual segments/interviews. Thus, allowing the viewer to choose the topic that most interests him or her. I am excited to change the format. Hopefully we can get videos out more frequently this way. I look forward to reading your responses after the first new segment is online!

Monday, February 7, 2011

West Bank

In the upcoming webcast I interview Rebecca Hosier about raising funds for a playground in the West Bank. I did some research on the West Bank area so that I could better understand its political and social issues. Needless to say it is a complicated subject.

I learned that the West Bank covers about 2,270 square miles and lies between Israel and Jordan. The Palestinians and Israelis disagree about which country should control the area. This has resulted in an ongoing conflict for the two groups.

Rebecca's family has made several trips to the area and will be returning for two years of volunteer work. By raising the money for the playground equipment, Rebecca was able to share the story of the West Bank with many other christians. As christians, may we not forget our brothers and sisters in Israel, Palestine, and other parts of the world.