Monday, March 26, 2012

Where do you see God?

Although I love all of the four seasons, spring is my favorite. Part of the reason I love it is because it reminds me of God's promise never to leave us. We were fortunate to have a mild winter in Pennsylvania this year. However, many winters feel unbearably long, cold, and windy. Yet, I still enjoy winter because it helps us to gain greater appreciation for the returning warm weather, green grass, and chirping birds. 

Spring truly does provide a great metaphor for hope and joy after dark and cold times. I look out at the blossoming trees and say a little prayer thank the Creator for providing such beauty. It is as if God is physically reaching out to us with the warm embrace of the sun, the gift of  wild flower 'bouquets', and the kiss of a gentle wind.

The beauty of spring is one of the places that I most clearly see God on Earth. Where do you see God in an earthly form? Feel free to post comment on my blog, or send photos with a description to my Facebook page

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

God Grants Respite and Joy, Let Us Be Thankful

Today in devotions we read about praising God even in the mundane. When God brings us out of great distress we are very thankful. Yet, eventually we forget that feeling of gratitude. The author wrote that God provides little respites for us every day.

She compared God's respite to the shade provided by a small tree while working with HOT asphalt. I could relate to this, because I have helped paving crews in summers past. She said the cooler temperature may not be much, but in that moment it is very welcome and appreciated. However, soon the paving truck moves forward and the shade disappears. Yet God's love is everlasting.

Recently I was reminded that it is not just respites but small joys that God provides for us to let us know he cares. I desired to travel abroad while I was in college. Yet, every time I had tried, it didn't work out for some reason or another. In my last semester I began to think that the dream of traveling at that time in my life, would just have to pass. Yet, God provided the opportunity for me to travel to Germany with Penn State for a conference on "Religion in the Marketplace."

One of my friends has a similar experience. She desired to travel to Alaska some day. God turned that desire into a reality. She currently is fulfilling her final physical therapy requirements for her doctorate in Alaska and staying with a loving Christian family. God did not just provide a neat place for her to finish her clinical rotation. No, he provided the exact location of her dreams.

I don't believe these are coincidences. God provides blessings for those who believe. I'd like to share lyrics from the "Child of the Promise" CD when Elizabeth receives word that she is pregnant after many years of being barren.

The Lord has done this for me
He has looked on me kindly
He has heard all my cries
He has given back what I laid
at his feet
It must be God
When the dream never dies

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sharing God's Love One Sip at a Time-The Perking Point

"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him."- Psalm 34:8. The Perking Point, Crosspoint United Methodist Church's South Hanover Campus, shares God's love 7 days per sip at a time.

Learn more about Perking point on their Facebook page or their website.