Monday, February 25, 2013

Mentoring: A form of Ministry

"I told my brother that I feel called to ministry," a Susquehanna Conference coworker from the financial department told me this morning. "He reminded me that I am in ministry through using my skills here, even if it is in an indirect way."

My boss, Jerry Wolgemuth, reiterated that notion this afternoon. "There are many forms of ministry other than just clergy," he said. "Laity has a very important leadership role." 

Are you wondering how God can use you? What skills do you have? Not necessarily direct ministerial skills...but skills for the home, landscape, computer, photography, etc. I believe that patiently passing on our skills and knowledge to others is part of living in community as Christ's family.

One month when I was teaching a youth Sunday School class, we visited different members of our church to learn their stories and skills. One man told us about farming, another woman taught us about gardening, and yet another couple simply shared about past church traditions. During this time, we were able to share snacks and laugh with each other, as well as read scripture on mentoring and grow as believers.

Proverbs 27:17 says: Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

Each of us has something to learn from another. Here at the Conference, I am appreciative of the mentoring I've received about technology such as Photoshop  video editing, and filming. This hands-on-experience added clarity and understanding to what I learned about these communication tools through my college courses.What skill or knowledge can you pass on? How is God calling you to be part of His community? He has blessed each of us with gifts, it is our challenge to find them and use them for His glory.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Send God a Valentine Prayer

God’s Valentine Gift

God’s Valentine gift of love to us
Was not a bunch of flowers;
It wasn’t candy, or a book
To while away the hours.
His gift was to become a man,
So He could freely give
His sacrificial love for us,
So you and I could live.
He gave us sweet salvation, and
Instruction, good and true--
To love our friends and enemies
And love our Savior, too.
So as we give our Valentines,
Let’s thank our Lord and King;
The reason we have love to give
Is that He gave everything.

 By Joanna Fuchs

As we prepare for Valentine's Day, a day of celebrating all those we love and who love us, may we praise God for the boundless gifts he provides.

May you and your loved ones feel His arms surround you this Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 4, 2013

11 months, 11 countries, 1 transformed young adult

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It Takes Work to Reach a Mountaintop

This morning in our Conference devotions, we read about Moses' mountain top experience Exodus 34:29. The author, Tom Arthur, said that although we all long for those informational experiences, sometimes we forget the struggles we have to go through to reach that high point.

He went on to describe that one of his favorite memories is sitting on top of Clingman's Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, yet he hated crossing through the streams, constantly keeping alert for dangerous animals, and painfully pressing his body up the mountain.

Arthur says: "When God makes a convenant with us, our life changes; when our life changes something must die for something new to be born...That's the real work of having a mountaintop experience-the spiritual work of dying to self in order to convenant with God. God of the mountaintop, give us strength to do the work that we must do in order to meet you there. Amen."