Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

 Every year my family vacations in Chincoteague Virginia. This year, as most years, it falls over Father's Day weekend. Unfortunately this year, Steve and I used our vacation time on our honeymoon and were not able to travel to the beach with my family. Thus, this year was the first time that I did not spend Father's Day with my Dad.

Yet, some people have spent many years without their fathers on that day. The reasons vary. It could be because their father lived far away, needed to work, spent time in jail, is estranged from the family, or has passed on. Whatever the reason, I would like us to take time during our prayers this week to remember both the father and the children in these situations.

I admit that sometimes I forget to look beyond my own family circumstances to pray for those who may not have a father as a regular part of their life. I also have a tendency to pray "thanksgiving" prayers, in which I thank God for all cf the ways He has blessed me and my family. Yet sometimes, prayer needs to go deeper than that. I hope that when I pray I begin to look at both sides of a situation. When I thank God for a loving father, that I also pray that he be with children of an abusive father and the father himself. When I thank God for a father who has provided for my financial needs and beyond, that I also pray that God lead me to a way that I can help another father in need.

This afternoon, I thank God for the loving Godly fathers who have provided a strong foundation in Christ, and I pray for those of you who long for your fathers to know God as you do. Our heavenly father loves you very much and you will always be his little princess/prince.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Love God, Others, Self

"LOVE God, Others, Self" is the Bishop's parting hope for the conference and the church.

Bishop Middleton is the first Bishop that I have had the privilege to meet. She has been supportive of my work here and Susquehanna Xpress. She has been very personable and sincere in my short time knowing her. She even wrote on the front page of my scapbook of wedding advice from coworkers at the conference.

 The communications team put together a short blooper film thanking her for the "good times." I enjoyed watching it, because I've been there running the teleprompter while she patiently waited as we prepared the media equipment (you'll see in the video that she spent her time waiting getting in extra steps on her pedometer)

If you would like to watch the Bishop's celebration service at Annual Conference 2012, and the blooper film click Here.

Join me in praying for she and her husband Jack as they transition to a new phase of life and their retirement home in Connecticut.

Monday, June 4, 2012

God's Math

On Saturday May 19, I was joined in holy matrimony with my love of seven years, Steven. Our pastor, Rev. Pat Woolever, added a special part to our ceremony involving a braid. Not only do the husband and wife join together as one, she said. Rather, God is also woven into a marriage relationship like a braid, and the three cords create one that is much stronger.

It was a beautiful metaphor that reminded me of another one. It is an image of triangle with God at the top and the husband and wife on either side. The closer that the husband and wife grow with God, the closer that they also grow to each other.

This is my hope for Steve and I in marriage. That we may always seek our Father first, and by doing so build a stronger relationship and grow closer together.